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  • Registration Re-mix

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  • Beginner Band Brochure


    Beginner Band Sign-up formBand Clipart

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  • Clarke County Reopening Plan Long Version

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  • School Reopening Plan

    Detailed School Reopening Plan

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  • Virtual School Commitment Letter



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  • Delayed Start Date


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  • Students if you still have books out please bring them to registration.  Thanks.

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  • Mask Requirements

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  • The WHMS Football team is currently going through summer workouts and will begin fall practice on July 27th. Any 7th or 8th graders who are interested in playing football need to contact Coach Slayton as soon as possible at jslayton@clarkecountyschools.org or at 205-522-3683.

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  • Registration

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    Please click on the link below and it will open in MS Word.  You can save and print or just print if you like.

     5th Grade Supply List

    6th grade Supply List

    7th and 8th grade Supply List


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  • Our Jr. Beta Club has earned two recognitions for the 2019-2020 school.  WAY TO GO BETA!!!



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  • Wilson Hall Middle School

    2020 Awards Day

    Top Ten


    5th Grade

    1. Alisha Johnson
    2. Ginna Walker
    3. Mikayla Ivory
    4. JaKeira Dunning
    5. Ellen Stephens
    6. Jayla Horn
    7. Monica Lopez
    8. Yalina Sadiq
    9. Kenlei Caffee
    10. Aleah Watkins


     6th Grade

    1. Sarah Kate Slayton
    2. Jack Fuller
    3. Kelsen Ann Davis
    4. Brooke Massey
    5. Jamacia Ezell
    6. Briana Moss
    7. Jerrell Pritchett
    8. Kaiya Campbell
    9. Whitney Chaney
    10. Ny’Keiandra Finch


    7th Grade

    1. Molly Pettis
    2. John Anderson
    3. TaMyus Pugh
    4. Emma Crosby
    5. Kaitlyn Foster
    6. Emily Baugh
    7. Christin Mitchell
    8. Trenton Dixon
    9. Jaden Denson
    10. Aiden Hester


    8th Grade

    1. Kasen Davis
    2. Camryn Mitchell
    3. Mariah Sheppard
    4. Sarah Finney
    5. Catherine White
    6. Anna Cille Averitt
    7. Terrance Snell
    8. Karma Griffin
    9. Gabrielle Kearley
    10. Alexis Chapman



    WHMS Band Awards

    Highest Average: 6th Grade – Whitney Chaney, Jerrell Pritchett, 7th Grade – Emily Baugh, Molly Pettis, 8th Grade – Camryn Mitchell, Catherine White

    Musical Excellence –Emily Baugh, Molly Pettis, Laila Freeman, Bethany Freeman, Jaden Denson, Katelyn Miller



    All A’s All Year


    5th Grade 

    Mikayla Ivory   

    Alisha Johnson

    Ginna Walker    


    6th Grade   

    Whitney Chaney 

    Kelsen Ann Davis

    Jamacia Ezell

    Jack Fuller

    Brooke Massey

    Briana Moss

    Jerrell Pritchett

    Sarah Kate Slayton


     7th Grade  

    John Anderson 

    Emma Crosby 

    Kaitlyn Foster

    Katelyn Miller

    Molly Pettis


     8th Grade

     Kasen Davis

    Sarah Finney

    Karma Griffin

    Camryn Mitchell

    Mariah Sheppard


     Academic Awards

    1. Have an average of 96 or above in that subject area
    2. Have respect for classmates and teachers in that class
    3. Follow school policies
    4. Have good school spirit and attitude
    5. Exhibit good classroom discipline


    Fifth Grade

    Kenlei Caffee- Social Studies

    Jakeira Dunning- Science, Social Studies

    Jayla Horn- English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics

    Mikayla Ivory- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Alisha Johnson- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics

    Janiah Johnson- English Language Arts

    Monica Lopez- English Language Arts, Social Studies

    Yalina Sadiq- English Language Arts

    Ellen Stephens- Science, Social Studies

    Tamia Turner- Social Studies

    Ginna Walker- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics

    Gavin Washington- Mathematics

    Devin Williams-English Language Arts, Social Studies



    Sixth Grade


    Aalaya Allen- English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science

    Ny’Darijah Banks- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Clint Barnes- English Language Arts, Reading

    Amariyah Beavers- English Language Arts

    Whitney Chaney-English Language Arts

    Kaiya Campbell- English Language Arts, Social Studies

    Kelsen Ann Davis- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Jamacia Ezell- English Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies

    Jack Fuller-English Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies

    Brooklyn Gallagher-English Language Arts

    Makayla Harris- Science, Social Studies

    Keirsten Martin- Science

    Brooke Massey- English Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Science

    Briana Moss- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Allyson Powell- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Jerrell Pritchett- English Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics

    Ashari Pugh- English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

    Sarah Kate Slayton- English Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies

    Keniya Waters-English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies


    Seventh Grade

    John Anderson- Life Science, Social Studies, Pre-algebra

    Emily Baugh- Life Science, Social Studies

    McKensy Bentley- Life Science, Social Studies

    Skylar Cody- Social Studies

    Emma Crosby- Life Science, Social Studies

    Jaden Denson- Social Studies

    Trenton Dixon- Life Science, Social Studies

    Chloe Dotson- Life Science

    Kaitlyn Foster- English Language Arts, Life Science, Social Studies

    Josie Gilchrist- Life Science, Social Studies

    Aiden Hester- Life Science

    Trinity Johnson- Social Studies

    Lucas Kelly- Social Studies

    Myles Locklar- Social Studies

    Evalyne Martinez-Andrade- Life Science

    Katelyn Miller- English Language Arts, Life Science, Social Studies

    Christin Mitchell- Life Science, Social Studies

    Molly Pettis- English Language Arts, Life Science, Social Studies, Pre-algebra

    TaMyus Pugh- English Language Arts, Life Science, Social Studies




    Eighth Grade


    Chester Allen- World History

    Whitney Andrews- World History

    Anna Cille Averitt- English Language Arts, Physical Science, World History

    Alexis Chapman- Physical Science, World History

    Kasen Davis- English Language Arts, Physical Science, World History

    Sarah Finney- Physical Science, World History, Algebra I

    Laila Freeman- World History

    Karma Griffin- Physical Science

    Lanissa Hudson- Physical Science, World History

    Nykiah Johnson- Physical Science, World History

    Gabrielle Kearley- Physical Science, World History

    Jeremiah Manuel- Physical Science

    Camryn Mitchell- Physical Science, World History, Algebra I

    Mariah Sheppard- Physical Science, World History, Algebra I

    Terrance Snell- Physical Science, Algebra I

    Terrance Weaver- World History

    Issac Welch III- World History

    Catherine White- Physical Science, World History

    Tyson Wright- Physical Science, World History




    WHMS Eighth Grade Graduates



    Jeremy Allday

    Chester Allen                                                            

    Whitney Andrews

    Anna Cille Averitt

    Mathias Barren

    Erika Bracy

    Harold Bright

    Elyjah Calhoun

    Tyler Champion

    Alexis Chapman

    Camryn Mitchell

    Eric Chapman

    Aterrion Cheeseboro

    Jaylynn Cody-Lewis

    Kasen Davis

    Andre Ezell

    Sarah Finney

    Laila Freeman

    Courtney Goodman

    Karma Griffin

    Tamarcus Harris

    Damya Hicks

    Lanisssa Hudson

    Takia Hytower

    Mason Ikner

    Jakylah Jackson

    Kendrick Jenkins

    Nykiah Johnson

    Daqaruis Jones

    Gabrielle Kearley

    Jonathan Kimbell

    Ashley Love

    Jeremiah Manuel

    Kemaury Mathews

    Amaya McFadden

    De’Kamron McFadden

    Camryn Mitchell

    Waylon Morgan

    Ja’Mya Myles

    Alissa Nelson

    Z’yenna Phillips

    Aaliyah Pritchett

    Jaquez Pugh

    Addison Reyes

    Mariah Sheppard

    Terrance Snell

    Holly Wade

    Terrance Weaver

    Issac Welch III

    Catherine White

    Haeli Williams

    Tyson Wright



    Presidential Excellence Awards are given to 8th grade students who have scored in the 85th percentile or above in reading or math on the SCANTRON test and have an overall “A” average throughout four years of middle school.

    Gabrielle Kearley

    Karma Griffin

    Sarah Finney

    Camryn Mitchell

    Terrance Snell

    Catherine White


    Scholarship Recipients

    Vivian Gordon Scholarship – Kasen Davis

    Dunn Family Scholarship -   Mariah Sheppard

    A.J. Pritchett Scholarship- Lanissa Hudson


     Citizenship Awards - The American Citizenship Award is given to students who treat others with respect, show a positive attitude towards their classmates, their school and community. These students also display an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility, and promote citizenship within the school through other activities.


    1. Eric Chapman
    2. Takia Hytower
    3. Eric Chapman



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  • 8th grade 1 8th grade 2 8th grade 3 8th grade 4 8th grade 5

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  • Dr. Carolyn Taite, along with the faculty and staff of Wilson Hall Middle School, would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the parents who took the time to pick up their children’s work packets on April 8th. We were so excited to see our students who came along for the ride! We appreciate their dedication to continued learning in this difficult time and we know that without your support, it would not be possible. Please remind your children to pace themselves while completing their packets. There is no need to overwhelm themselves, or you, in attempting to do all the work in one day. Completed packets are due on May 15th. All textbooks and library books will be collected on this day as well. Specific instructions regarding the collection of the packets and other important information will be posted on our website and Facebook pages. You can also look to receive a school cast phone call from Dr. Taite a few days prior to this deadline. In the meantime, we are still accessible to our students on a daily basis via our county emails and other communication platforms, such as Remind, Messenger and Class DoJo. To our students, please know that we miss you! Like you, we have never gone through a pandemic. We are truly all in this together. Be safe, and remember, you may not be in our classrooms right now, but you are always in our hearts. We look forward to seeing you when school begins again.

    Teachers Teachers 2 Teachers 3 Teachers 4 Teachers 5 Teachers 6

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  • library online info

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  • Library Books Online

    Parents/students you can read books online.


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  • TI Calculator Link

    Under Find It Fast you will see a link to the TI 84 Calculators.  Go to this website to download a working TI 84 plus ce.  You have to have an email address to receive the code to activate it.

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  • Teacher of the Year

    Mrs. Shirley Bradley was named the 2020 Wilson Hall Teacher of the Year and also the 2020 Clarke County Secondary Teacher of the Year.  

    County Teacher of the Year


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  • Grief Sensitive School

    1 Peter 4:10 "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in it various forms."  

    Mr. Davante' Snell presented Dr. Carolyn Taite and Wilson Hall Middle School with a grant to implement Child Bereavement training and gather resources in our efforts to become a Grief Sensitive School for our students.  Mr. Snell, along with New York Life Foundation are partnering with us to empower the staff and students of Clarke County Schools in this effort.  We would like to thank Mr. Snell for his willingness to assist.

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  • Alabama State Department of Education Policy

    Use of Digital Device During the Administration of a Secure Test


    Student Policy

    The possession of a digital device (including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, MP3 players, cameras, or other telecommunication devices capable of capturing or relaying information) is strictly prohibitied during the administration of a secure test.  If a student is observed in possession of a digital device during the administration of a secure test then the device will be confiscated.

    If a student is observed using a digital device during the administration of a secure test, testing for the student will cease, the device will be confiscated and is subject to search, the student will be dismissed from testing, and the student's test will be invalidated.




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