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Some Ways You Can Help WHMS

If you have been watching the news and reading the newspaper, you know that Alabama education in general, and Clarke County Schools specifically, are suffering from a severe budget shortfall.  We NEED your help to provide items that will help us teach your children more effectively.  Our enrollment is down again from last year which translates into lost teacher units and more crowded classes for your child next year. Reasons for the declining enrollment include families moving out of Clarke County and a smaller enrollment in the fifth and sixth grade classes and losing a large eighth grade class that just graduated in the spring.  Many of our teachers regularly use their own money to buy supplies for their classroom and quietly help individual students with school expenses the parents aren't able to pay (such as field trips and uniform costs).  We very much appreciate the tissues, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and other items you send to help us out.  

Ways that you can help us greatly include joining the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization), collecting Box Tops for Education, sending Greers/Cashsavers Apples for the Student cash register receipts, and supporting fundraisers for the school and school sponsored organizations such as the Jr. Beta Club, SGA, WHMS Band, and others.

By joining the PTO, you are telling your child that you support WHMS and want us to be successful.  The $5 yearly membership fee is used completely at this school (not one penny is mailed away to a national organization) and if every student and teacher brought one membership, that would raise over $1250!  We would love to have 100% membership in the PTO.  Please help us.

Box Tops for Education takes our submissions and rebates 10 cents for each one.  That doesn't sound like much, but with a lot of people collecting, it adds up.  Sometimes you will find bonus coupons on certain products too.  Please send all that you have and have your neighbors and relatives save for us, too!  Just send them in a zip-lock bag and we will do the rest!  There is also a Box Tops for Education app that can be dowloaded to an android or iphone.  Just scan your grocery receipts and WHMS gets credit for any box tops!