• Wilson Hall Middle School evolved from Wilson Hall High School which was formerly an all Black school.  The school is located one and one-half miles from the business district of Grove Hill on Carter Drive north of U.S. Highway 84 East.  Approximately seventeen acres of land were purchased on which the present facility was erected in 1966.


    For several years after integration, the school was known as Grove Hill Elementary School.  The school housed  kindergarten through eighth grade.  As the needs of the community changed, a new elementary school was built.  In 1976, the school was renamed Wilson Hall Middle School.  It now serves a student population of 425 in grades five through eight.


    The school serves numerous communities in the area including Grove Hill, Whatley, Suggsville, Mt. Zion, Gosport, Indian Ridge, Allen, Fulton, Dickinson, Lower Peachtree, Scyrene, Zimco, Chance, Todd Town, Orange Hill, and Chilton.  Thirty-eight faculty and staff members combine knowledge, skill, and effort to provide a variety of educational opportunities to the students.