At Jackson Intermediate School we have three main topics that we highlight in our school: Learning, Technology, and Engagement. We strive to help our students, faculty, and staff grow as a student or employee and as a person. Through our main topics, we believe we can help produce excellence, prepare students for higher education, and help JIS succeed to the highest standards.


    Our learning objective is to provide students and staff with opportunities for growth and achievement to promote success. Our critical initiatives are Professional Development for teachers, student interest clubs and leadership groups, and to provide reading and math response to interventions for identified students in need of support. The key measures we will take is installing a professional development log, sign in sheets, and monthly response to intervention (RTI) meetings.


    Our technology objective is to provide students and staff with technology resources and digital learning opportunities. Critical initiatives include conduct a needs assessment survey school wide, all classrooms updated with Newline technology panels, and all grade levels provided with a complete set of rolling computer lab technology resources "YES carts". The key measures for technology is to create a needs assessment survey, perform teacher and classrooms observations, and schedule for frequency of use.


    Our engagement objective is to have community outreach opportunities for parents and community members to be strategically involved. Critical initiatives include parent and community engagement activates planned for once a month, develop parent engagement plan, and develop and implement community partnership plan. Key measures have sign in sheets, Parent Surveys when needed, keep a communication record.



     Key Facts

    • Alabama Reading Initiative Site
    • Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative Demonstration Site
    • Alabama Bicentennial Site                     
    • Progressive Robotics and STEAM Focus
    • Healthy and Physical Fitness Promotion