•  Philosophy

    Modern day society demands that educators prepare students to be productive citizens and community leaders. Clarke County High School, like any other school system in America, must remind students of the past, educate them in the present, and motivate them for the future. The faculty and staff of Clarke County High School live up to this expectation. 

    Teachers and administrators at Clarke County High School provide quality educational training for each student to the best of his/her ability. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the entire student population. The staff recognizes the importance of meeting the social, physical, emotional and academic needs of every student. Classroom and extra-curricular activities work to foster the development of the student to function individually and as a member of a group. Each student is prepared to work, play, grow, and contribute to society as he/she finds his/her station in life.

     CCHS Alma Mater

    CCHS, listen mother to our vows of love
    to ourselves and to each other
    faithful friends we'll prove. 

    Faithful, loyal, firm, and true
    heart bound to heart we'll be
    year by year the ages through until in h'ven we'll meet.