• Wireless 2024-01


    Q1.  I was curious to see if you might be interested in Juniper MIST APs? 

    A1. Wireless Access Point models are used for reference only, other manufactures equipment quoted should be equivalent to equipment listed.
    If quoting equipment other than Aruba the vendor must supply a complete list of specifications for Wireless access points quoted in their bid. We are looking for WIFI 6E so any equivalent spec equipment will be considered. We currently use Aerohive AP 230 3x3:3 

    Q2. Will you need installation/configuration of the Access Points?

    A2. Installation is not needed, but an overview of the software for the winning bid will be helpful. 


    Q3. You listed two different models. Are you looking to mix? Should I quote both so you can compare? 

    A3. You can quote both, we are looking for WIFI 6E that will work in a 1 to 1 environment. We currently have one model throughout the county.


    Q4. How long of a period of time should the AP management/Support be?

    A4. I have requested 5 years of support in the RFP. 3 years with options to extend to 5 years will be acceptable.