• Do you have questions about Clarke County's Special Education Services?

    For More Information Contact:

    Mrs. Angie Jordan
    Special Education Coordinator
    Clarke County Board of Education
    (251) 250-2155

    Ms. Anna Traweek
    Grove Hill Elementary
    (251) 250-2150

    Mrs. Clara Kennedy McMillian
    Wilson Hall Middle School
    (251) 250-2140

    Ms. Rochandolia Burroughs
    Clarke County High School
    (251) 250-2170

    Mrs. Carrie Garris
    Gillmore Elementary School
    (251) 246-2525

     Mrs. Sherri Odom
    Jackson Middle School
    (251) 246-3597

    Mrs Jennifer Huie
    Jackson Intermediate School
    (251) 246-1599

    Mrs. Gwen White
    Jackson High School
    (251) 246-2571