I am amazed at the work the GHES family puts into our children each day. Here, relationships are created and nourished. That leads to a lifelong connection between the student and the teacher, motivating the desire to learn. The excitement for the success of the students in our school is incredible and I am honored to be part of the GHES family. 

    As Assistant Principal, I am eager to support the faculty and staff of GHES in an encouraging manner. As a 20yr classroom veteran, I understand the frustrations and challenges that teacher's face. It is my goal to work toward meeting the needs of our teachers and staff so that learning can continue as seamlessly as possible while maintaining a nurturing learning environment.

    When you know, you know. I have never been happier in my job than I am right now. God has a way of placing us where we are supposed to be. I’m where I’m supposed to be. What can I say…? When you know, you know.