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The Clarke County School System believes that
all children can learn and that opportunities
must be provided for every student.

Folder Financials FY17 (45 Files)
Download Oct FY17 F-I
Download Oct FY17 F-II
Download Oct FY17 F-III-A
Download Oct FY17 F-III-B
Download Oct FY17 F-III-C
Download Nov FY17 F-I
Download Nov FY17 F-II
Download Nov FY17 F-III-A
Download Nov FY17 F-III-B
Download Nov FY17 F-III-C
Download Dec FY17 F-I
Download Dec FY17 F-II
Download Dec FY17 F-III-A
Download Dec FY17 F-III-B
Download Dec FY17 F-III-C
Download Jan FY17 F-I
Download Jan FY17 F-II
Download Jan FY17 F-III-A
Download Jan FY17 F-III-B
Download Jan FY17 F-III-C
Download Feb FY17 F-I
Download Feb FY17 F-II
Download Feb FY17 F-III-A
Download Feb FY17 F-III-B
Download Feb FY17 F-III-C
Download Mar FY17 F-I
Download Mar FY17 F-II
Download Mar FY17 F-III-A
Download Mar FY17 F-III-B
Download Mar FY17 F-III-C
Download April FY17 F-I
Download April FY17 F-II
Download April FY17 F-III-A
Download April FY17 F-III-B
Download April FY17 F-III-C
Download May FY17 F-I
Download May FY17 F-II
Download May FY17 F-III-A
Download May FY17 F-III-B
Download May FY17 F-III-C
Download June FY17 F-I
Download June FY17 F-II
Download June FY17 F-III-A
Download June FY17 F-III-B
Download June FY17 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY17 (10 Files)
Download Oct FY17 Check Register
Download Nov FY17 Check Register
Download Dec FY17 Check Register
Download Jan FY17 Check Register
Download Feb FY17 Check Register
Download Mar FY17 Check Register
Download April FY17 Check Register
Download May FY17 Check Register
Download June FY17 Check Register
Download July FY17 Check Register
Folder Financials FY16 (55 Files)
Download April FY16 F-I
Download April FY16 F-II
Download April FY16 F-III-A
Download April FY16 F-III-B
Download April FY16 F-III-C
Download Aug FY16 F-I
Download Aug FY16 F-II
Download Aug FY16 F-III-A
Download Aug FY16 F-III-B
Download Aug FY16 F-III-C
Download Dec FY16 F-I
Download Dec FY16 F-II
Download Dec FY16 F-III-A
Download Dec FY16 F-III-B
Download Dec FY16 F-III-C
Download Feb FY16 F-I
Download Feb FY16 F-II
Download Feb FY16 F-III-A
Download Feb FY16 F-III-B
Download Feb FY16 F-III-C
Download Jan FY16 F-I
Download Jan FY16 F-II
Download Jan FY16 F-III-A
Download Jan FY16 F-III-B
Download Jan FY16 F-III-C
Download July FY16 F-I
Download July FY16 F-II
Download July FY16 F-III-A
Download July FY16 F-III-B
Download July FY16 F-III-C
Download June FY16 F-I
Download June FY16 F-II
Download June FY16 F-III-A
Download June FY16 F-III-B
Download June FY16 F-III-C
Download Mar FY16 F-I
Download Mar FY16 F-II
Download Mar FY16 F-III-A
Download Mar FY16 F-III-B
Download Mar FY16 F-III-C
Download May FY16 F-I
Download May FY16 F-II
Download May FY16 F-III-A
Download May FY16 F-III-B
Download May FY16 F-III-C
Download Nov FY16 F-I
Download Nov FY16 F-II
Download Nov FY16 F-III-A
Download Nov FY16 F-III-B
Download Nov FY16 F-III-C
Download Oct FY16 F-I
Download Oct FY16 F-II
Download Oct FY16 F-III-A
Download Oct FY16 F-III-B
Download Oct FY16 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY16 (0 Files)
Folder Financials FY15 (60 Files)
Download Oct FY15 F-I
Download Oct FY15 F-II-A
Download Oct FY15 F-III-A
Download Oct FY15 F-III-B
Download Oct FY15 F-III-C
Download Nov FY15 F-I
Download Nov FY15 F-II-A
Download Nov FY15 F-III-A
Download Nov FY15 F-III-B
Download Nov Fy15 F-III-C
Download Dec FY15 F-I
Download Dec FY15 F-II
Download Dec FY15 F-III-A
Download Dec FY15 F-III-B
Download Dec FY15 F-III-C
Download Jan FY15 F-I
Download Jan FY15 F-II
Download Jan FY15 F-III-A
Download Jan FY15 F-III-B
Download Jan FY15 F-III-C
Download Feb FY15 F-I
Download Feb FY15 F-II
Download Feb FY15 F-III-A
Download Feb FY15 F-III-B
Download Feb FY15 F-III-C
Download March FY15 F-I
Download March FY15 F-II
Download March FY15 F-III-A
Download March FY15 F-III-B
Download March FY15 F-III-C
Download April FY15 F-I
Download April FY15 F-II
Download April FY15 F-III-A
Download April FY15 F-III-B
Download April FY15 F-III-C
Download May FY15 F-I
Download May FY15 F-II
Download May FY15 F-III-A
Download May FY15 F-III-B
Download May FY15 F-III-C
Download June FY15 F-I
Download June FY15 F-II
Download June FY15 F-III-A
Download June FY15 F-III-B
Download June FY15 F-III-C
Download July FY15 F-I
Download July FY15 F-II
Download July FY15 F-III-A
Download July FY15 F-III-B
Download July FY15 F-III-C
Download Aug FY15 F-I
Download Aug FY15 F-II
Download Aug FY15 F-III-A
Download Aug FY15 F-III-B
Download Aug FY15 F-III-C
Download Sept FY15 F-I
Download Sept FY15 F-II
Download Sept FY15 F-III-A
Download Sept FY15 F-III-B
Download Sept FY15 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY15 (0 Files)
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