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The Clarke County School System believes that
all children can learn and that opportunities
must be provided for every student.

Folder Financials FY17 (20 Files)
Download Oct FY17 F-I
Download Oct FY17 F-II
Download Oct FY17 F-III-A
Download Oct FY17 F-III-B
Download Oct FY17 F-III-C
Download Nov FY17 F-I
Download Nov FY17 F-II
Download Nov FY17 F-III-A
Download Nov FY17 F-III-B
Download Nov FY17 F-III-C
Download Dec FY17 F-I
Download Dec FY17 F-II
Download Dec FY17 F-III-A
Download Dec FY17 F-III-B
Download Dec FY17 F-III-C
Download Jan FY17 F-I
Download Jan FY17 F-II
Download Jan FY17 F-III-A
Download Jan FY17 F-III-B
Download Jan FY17 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY17 (0 Files)
Folder Financials FY16 (55 Files)
Download April FY16 F-I
Download April FY16 F-II
Download April FY16 F-III-A
Download April FY16 F-III-B
Download April FY16 F-III-C
Download Aug FY16 F-I
Download Aug FY16 F-II
Download Aug FY16 F-III-A
Download Aug FY16 F-III-B
Download Aug FY16 F-III-C
Download Dec FY16 F-I
Download Dec FY16 F-II
Download Dec FY16 F-III-A
Download Dec FY16 F-III-B
Download Dec FY16 F-III-C
Download Feb FY16 F-I
Download Feb FY16 F-II
Download Feb FY16 F-III-A
Download Feb FY16 F-III-B
Download Feb FY16 F-III-C
Download Jan FY16 F-I
Download Jan FY16 F-II
Download Jan FY16 F-III-A
Download Jan FY16 F-III-B
Download Jan FY16 F-III-C
Download July FY16 F-I
Download July FY16 F-II
Download July FY16 F-III-A
Download July FY16 F-III-B
Download July FY16 F-III-C
Download June FY16 F-I
Download June FY16 F-II
Download June FY16 F-III-A
Download June FY16 F-III-B
Download June FY16 F-III-C
Download Mar FY16 F-I
Download Mar FY16 F-II
Download Mar FY16 F-III-A
Download Mar FY16 F-III-B
Download Mar FY16 F-III-C
Download May FY16 F-I
Download May FY16 F-II
Download May FY16 F-III-A
Download May FY16 F-III-B
Download May FY16 F-III-C
Download Nov FY16 F-I
Download Nov FY16 F-II
Download Nov FY16 F-III-A
Download Nov FY16 F-III-B
Download Nov FY16 F-III-C
Download Oct FY16 F-I
Download Oct FY16 F-II
Download Oct FY16 F-III-A
Download Oct FY16 F-III-B
Download Oct FY16 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY16 (0 Files)
Folder Financials FY15 (60 Files)
Download Oct FY15 F-I
Download Oct FY15 F-II-A
Download Oct FY15 F-III-A
Download Oct FY15 F-III-B
Download Oct FY15 F-III-C
Download Nov FY15 F-I
Download Nov FY15 F-II-A
Download Nov FY15 F-III-A
Download Nov FY15 F-III-B
Download Nov Fy15 F-III-C
Download Dec FY15 F-I
Download Dec FY15 F-II
Download Dec FY15 F-III-A
Download Dec FY15 F-III-B
Download Dec FY15 F-III-C
Download Jan FY15 F-I
Download Jan FY15 F-II
Download Jan FY15 F-III-A
Download Jan FY15 F-III-B
Download Jan FY15 F-III-C
Download Feb FY15 F-I
Download Feb FY15 F-II
Download Feb FY15 F-III-A
Download Feb FY15 F-III-B
Download Feb FY15 F-III-C
Download March FY15 F-I
Download March FY15 F-II
Download March FY15 F-III-A
Download March FY15 F-III-B
Download March FY15 F-III-C
Download April FY15 F-I
Download April FY15 F-II
Download April FY15 F-III-A
Download April FY15 F-III-B
Download April FY15 F-III-C
Download May FY15 F-I
Download May FY15 F-II
Download May FY15 F-III-A
Download May FY15 F-III-B
Download May FY15 F-III-C
Download June FY15 F-I
Download June FY15 F-II
Download June FY15 F-III-A
Download June FY15 F-III-B
Download June FY15 F-III-C
Download July FY15 F-I
Download July FY15 F-II
Download July FY15 F-III-A
Download July FY15 F-III-B
Download July FY15 F-III-C
Download Aug FY15 F-I
Download Aug FY15 F-II
Download Aug FY15 F-III-A
Download Aug FY15 F-III-B
Download Aug FY15 F-III-C
Download Sept FY15 F-I
Download Sept FY15 F-II
Download Sept FY15 F-III-A
Download Sept FY15 F-III-B
Download Sept FY15 F-III-C
Folder Monthly Check Registers-FY15 (0 Files)
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